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5K Course

Click here for an enlarged map OR our certification map (very detailed)

Course description:

USATF certified # IN12011TDK (what does this mean?)
Residential area
Some hills in second mile, 20-30 feet high
Water stop
Start and finish near YMCA Pavilion on Cumberland Dr

10K Course

Click here for an enlarged Google map OR our certification map (very detailed)

The 10K and 5K follow the same first loop--almost all the way (see the 5K course above).  On Bullseye Lake Rd, the 5K and 10K split.  When the 5K turns south towards the YMCA, the 10K turns back up Hastings Terrace.  Just before the 6K point, the second loop goes onto a new course to avoid the slower walkers, by turning left on Andover.  The route comes back down Valparaiso St (see the 8K marker), along the pathways of Vale Park Rd, and back towards the YMCA, finishing from the opposite side of the road as the 5K.

USATF certified #IN13004TDK (what does this mean?)

If your expected 10K time is over 75 minutes, please register for the 5K.  We are required by the City to reopen the roads.  

Course notes

Hazards: The course may have hazards including cars, slippery or uneven surfaces, potholes, debris, traffic control devices, and other dangers encountered in road races.  For your safety, please be careful and remain alert.

Prohibited items: This is a big race, so please don't bring shoes with wheels, bikes, or dogs.  For an accommodation in case of disability, please contact us in advance.  Participants using music players are asked to keep the volume low enough to be able to hear course marshals and nearby participants to reduce the risk of injury to themselves or others.

Medical professionals: will be on call at the fire station on Cumberland Drive. Volunteer course marshals will be stationed at road crossings, subject to availability.  In case of emergency, call 911 and immediately notify race or YMCA officials. 

For users of GPS watches from USATF: "Race courses are measured along a well-defined path called the SPR—the Shortest Possible Route that a runner can possibly run. Most runners don’t actually run the SPR, so the distance recorded by their GPS device will usually be longer than the certified length of the course, even though the course was properly measured along the SPR according to USATF rules."  For details of our SPR, see our certification maps on the "detailed map" links above.